Lesley Hughes



About Lesley Hughes

Lesley has found that embracing confrontation as a means to acknowledge differences and uncertainty can create opportunities for clarification and correcting misinterpretation, if done so in a facilitated way. She uses this approach in her work. As academic lead for interprofessional education, which formed part of the transformation in medical education, Lesley understood the need to create a shared strategy for working across departments and professions meant negotiation was a key part in changing curriculum, clinical practice and assessment. In a nutshell, Lesley creates change to improve listening skills, communication, problem solving, and the respect of differences in roles and responsibilities to improve teamwork.

As a trained mediator, Lesley continues this work with organisations, especially multidisciplinary sectors. Her specialism is workplace mediation; this covers a range of issues including dysfunctional teams, workforce complaints, departmental or system conflict. Working with the TCM group has provided Lesley with additional skills including use of the Resolution Framework™️.