Team mediation services to resolve disputes involving larger groups

There’s no limit to the size of the group when it comes to resolving team conflicts!

When conflict arises in the workplace, it rarely impacts only two individuals. Very often, the dispute will spread, having an impact on a wider group, the whole department, and perhaps beyond. Here at The Mediation Company, we have a pool of expert mediators who are experienced in handling a full variety of conflicts within teams.

Team Mediation Services

Resolve group conflicts and transform team performance from good to great

Any team can be impacted by conflict, at any time. Sometimes it may be a healthy source of creativity, innovation, and new ideas; but in others, it can spill over into division and dysfunction.

In addition to disputes between individual staff members, we successfully work with groups and teams ranging from three to thirty participants (and sometimes even more). We specialise in helping teams to unlock their full potential, by engaging them in constructive and supportive dialogue.

Situations we commonly encounter include:

  • A divided project team requiring professional support
  • A team that has been damaged following a grievance
  • A decline in morale and motivation when discrimination and exclusion has prevailed undetected
  • When respect between different disciplines has become fragile, leading to a lack of cooperation and resentment
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Because every team conflict is different

Suitable for a full range of conflicts within work and project teams

Every team is different, as is every team dispute. We work with a variety of different team structures with varying and complex needs. It could be a divided team that is requiring support to regain performance, or a high performing team looking to reach its very best.

Through our experience, we have identified five types of conflict that may typically present within a team:

  1. All against one: One person has been identified by others as the problem. If not resolved, this can trigger bullying behaviours from the other members of the group.
  2. The 50:50 split: A team has become divided down the middle. Factions or cliques may have formed. These situations cause a lack of focus, poor productivity, and dysfunction.
  3. The meltdown: These are dynamic conflicts, with alliances changing frequently. Although exciting for some, many will find it very stressful. Either way, they rarely produce high performance or cohesion.
  4. The abuser: A charismatic individual abuses their power or authority. We usually get asked to work with these teams when the individual has left, and other team members need help getting back on track.
  5. Silos: This is all to do with the way that different teams can become opposed to one another. The conflicts are a waste of resources and can undermine organisational effectiveness.

The Benefits

An extensive range of benefits, upon not only the individual team, but your entire organisation

Not only does the team mediation process resolve the identified problem, it may also uncover issues that are hidden under the surface. By creating an open and safe environment, your employees can air their issues and build resilience to make them less vulnerable to future issues.

Other commonly reported benefits from an effective team mediation process include:

  • It can prevent conflict from escalating to the stages where it becomes most destructive, damaging and dysfunctional
  • It helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, which are common reactions to workplace conflict
  • It protects the reputation of the team and your organisation
  • It creates a more harmonious and enjoyable team working environment
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