Internationally renowned workplace mediation skills training courses

Equip your internal staff to resolve a full range of employee disputes.

For 20 years, as part of The TCM Group, we have trained several thousand mediators, across the UK and beyond. In completing our training, organisations such as HSBC, Royal Mail, The NHS and Marks & Spencer have achieved huge savings, both financially and emotionally, by diverting a full range of cases away from formal HR policies and procedures.

The National Certificate in Workplace Mediation™

Our fully interactive, instructor-led OCN accredited mediation skills programme.

The National Certificate in Workplace Mediation™ is our flagship course, which enables participants to learn essential skills and principles for mediation, practice skills and demonstrate competency to be a workplace mediator.

The course gives delegates an in-depth understanding of the psychology of conflict, working through the causes and effects of workplace disputes. Delegates will learn the skills and strategies essential to the mediation process, and work through a step-by-step mediation model, to apply to even the more complex employment and workplace disputes.

  • Delivery: Regular Open Access Courses/ in-house delivery
  • Cost: £1995 + VAT per person (Discounts generally available for larger groups)
  • Duration: 5-6 days
Maria Broomfield HR Business Partner at Greater Anglia Railways

“I highly recommend the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course. It was delivered to such a high standard and has given me the confidence to put my learning into practice back in the workplace!”

Spencer Barnett BT Internet

“I just wanted to thank you for delivering a superb course, I can honestly say the content and instruction has been exceptional. I have learnt an incredible amount this week and I feel even more inspired to pursue mediation as my next career – hopefully with TMC! The instructor’s passion and teaching style made the week so interesting and the week fly by; they made the course for me!”

David Corbin Equality & Diversity Manager at Dorset Healthcare

“After looking at several companies I attended one of TMC’s taster sessions. Following that I booked to attend the full course. The service overall was outstanding, and the professionalism of the trainers was outstanding. I still use the supporting material today as a guide. Since I became trained my Trust has now invested in three further Workplace Mediators and we have just completed an 18-month report on the cases we have had referred. We also meet monthly for a debriefing session to discuss cases. We are in the process of reviewing our Grievance Policy and Mediation is already listed as an early intervention before moving to a full-blown investigation. To be completely honest I have always found my interactions with TMC very positive. I feel that I can approach the team at any time for advice and linking into the Webinars is always a good reminder of why we take the steps to resolve issues at the lowest possible level.”

Louise Cameron HR Business Partner at Santander UK

“The Mediation Company came on the back of a very strong recommendation by a reputable contact who had already completed the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course. The course itself was very effective – insightful and practical. The tutor support and feedback were excellent! Training with TMC meant that I was able to develop my skills to resolve complex workplace disputes. The ongoing events/webinars/seminars hosted by the TMC are fantastic and I would definitely recommend them to any of my colleagues/networks/friends.”

Christine Stanbury Médecins Sans Frontières

“I chose The Mediation Company because their accredited mediation course was more suited to the culture of the organisation I work for. The course was inspiring, clear and supportive for such an intense and focussed subject, it was excellent! I apply the knowledge daily to improve my skills and experience and I will definitely explore attending other training courses with TMC.”

Louise Thomas Assistant Director of HR & OD at Herts Valleys CCG

“The National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course was fantastic & the trainer was brilliant. I learned more than I thought possible all in the space of a week. One of the most helpful learning experiences I’ve had!”

Cara Meakins HR Manager at Innogy Business Services

“We’ve just completed the initial training for the mediation accreditation which everyone thoroughly enjoyed and we are now progressing the written element of the assessment.  The trainers were fantastic and I couldn’t recommend the course to anyone enough.”

Kerry Forward Head of Strategy at NHS England

“The Mediation Company provide essential training in several areas. Mediation is a game changer in the positive management of employee relations and should be a cornerstone of any organisation’s approach. I would highly recommend their excellent trainers and learning material in making this a reality for your organisation.”

Mike Thomson HR Business Partner at Cygnet Health

“My biggest learning from the mediation course is it can be applied to almost any aspect of life. Although the skills gained are applied in dispute resolution, I’ve found the principles of mediation have given me a far better understanding of how to communicate effectively in both my professional and personal life.

Our instructor, Thoralf, has a very easy style of delivery which draws you in to what is being taught. He allowed for various thought-provoking conversations to take place as we explored the process of mediation.

I would, without doubt, highly recommend this course not just as a means to mediate but to gain deeper understanding on how a collection of written or spoken ‘words’ affects not only ourselves but how it can be interpreted and impacted by others.”

Practical Mediation Skills™

Our most well-recognised conflict resolution short skills course.

Practical Mediation Skills™ is a two-day course, which provides delegates with the skills, competencies and strategies to undertake simpler mediations as part of their existing daily role.

The course delivers a range of practical skills and techniques which can be used to bring quarrels, complaints, grievances and disputes to a constructive resolution. trainees will leave with the confidence to bring awareness about mediation to their colleagues, and promote a non-adversarial culture within their organisation.

  • Delivery: Regular Open Access Courses/ in-house delivery
  • Cost: £495 + VAT per person (Discounts generally available for larger groups)
  • Duration: 2 days

Core Mediation Skills™

Enable your managers and HR teams to nip conflict in the bud.

Core Mediation Skills™ is a one-day mediation skills training programme that equips managers and HR professionals with the core skills that they need to understand how and why disputes occur and how to respond when they do.

On this course, we provide the skills and strategies that managers need to nip issues in the bud before they escalate our of control. The programme can also act as a ‘stepping stone’ to more formal mediation and dispute resolution training for those looking to further develop their skills.

  • Delivery: Available for in-house delivery
  • Cost: £295 + VAT per person (Discounts generally available for larger groups)
  • Duration: 1 day
Anna Ryland
Senior People Advisor at The White Company
“The Practical Mediation Skills course was brilliant – a great journey through mediation and understanding the process. The models help to frame and are really clear on the purpose of the process. An excellent and insightful course. I understand the process and best practice fully. I would highly recommend!”

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