World class workplace and employment mediation services

Resolve even the most complex and challenging disputes in just one day.

Here at The Mediation Company, we understand that unresolved conflict costs more than just money. Our team of expert and highly experienced mediators work with all parties involved in the conflict, by facilitating communication on the needs-based level. In doing so, the mediator encourages open dialogue and enables the parties to work towards a mutually acceptable resolution.

Workplace Mediation Services

The solution to almost every single complaint, quarrel, disagreement and feud.

Every dispute that you could imagine, and even those that you couldn’t, are suitable for mediation. We’ve designed a highly effective, and unique process, the FAIR mediation model™. The process is suited to a full range of disputes, including:

  • Conflicts between employees/ within teams
  • Conflicts between managers and employees
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Executive-level disputes
  • Disputes involving customers

… and many more!

Team Mediation

Resolve group conflicts, and transform team performance from good to great.

In addition to disputes involving individual staff members, we successfully work with groups and teams ranging from three to thirty participants (and sometimes even more). We specialise in helping teams to unlock their full potential, by engaging them in constructive and supportive dialogue.

Any team can be impacted by conflict, at any time. Sometimes conflict can be healthy, but in other situations, it can spill over into division and dysfunction. We resolve disputes amongst many different team structures, with differing and complex needs. This may be a divided project team who need professional support, or a high performing team who want to come together to identify a shared vision and agree a new set of goals and objectives.

In-house mediation schemes

Resolve conflicts internally by setting up your own in-house mediation service.

Having worked with numerous organisations to embed mediation schemes, we understand how to set up, run and evaluate a mediation scheme, and are on hand to support you at every stage of the journey. We support the development of two kinds of mediation services:

  • Internal Services: Through the delivery of comprehensive training, we equip your internal staff to resolve disputes.
  • Outsourced Services: Refer some (or all) of your conflicts to one of our expert, external mediators.

To ensure that you get the very best from your in-house mediation service, we’ve developed a comprehensive strategy and action plan for incorporating mediation into the very fabric of your organisation. The package may include consultancy services, strategic work, training, CPD and more!

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