World-class workplace and employment mediation services

Workplace mediation is the solution to almost every single complaint, quarrel, disagreement and feud.

Every dispute that you could imagine, and even those that you couldn’t, is suitable for workplace mediation. We’ve designed a highly effective, and unique process, the FAIR mediation model™ to really get to the bottom of issues. The process is suited to a full range of disputes, including:

  • Conflicts between employees/within teams
  • Conflicts between managers and employees
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Executive-level disputes
  • Disputes involving customers
Andrew Meikle HR Manager at Northumberland County Council

“A one-day mediation, which hopefully results in a positive outcome, is a lot less time consuming than having to undertake a grievance investigation and everything that goes with it.”

Louise Frayne Head of HR & Organisational Development at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

“Just a quick line to thank The Mediation Company for the recent mediation service provided to RCPCH. A very successful day and working relationships improved enormously. I have always believed in restorative processes and the service offered by TMC really is excellent and evidences that this this really is the right approach to resolving conflict.”

Angela Presland ER Manager at Simplyhealth

“Mediation helps people to take responsibility for working with us to resolve their own issues. I have had one person who took part in mediation tell me that she felt able to say things that she never thought she’d be able to express. And that’s what I’m hearing from managers too; they tell me people are able to open up in ways they have rarely seen before during employee disputes, and issues are resolved much more quickly and much more satisfactorily for all parties.”

Helga Jones ER Manager at Arcadia

“We found that often a short conversation right at the outset could resolve the issue. In all our mediation cases I’d say about 95% them are around communication problems. Often people have said to me, ‘If we’d sat down and talked about this it wouldn’t even have taken a day to sort it out.’ The feedback has been very good.”

Catherine Anderson Organisational Development Manager at OneSource

“Great organisation and great people passionate about mediation and resolution. We have worked with The Mediation Company for 5 years and have recommended their mediation and training services to many.”

“They really are the experts in this field. I have used The Mediation Company several times and always get good results from them. David and his team always go that extra mile for you. If you do a cost-benefit analysis, TMC are able to save organisations considerable amounts of money. It is also highly rewarding to see staff working together again in a really positive way (in the majority of cases). TMC have a 92% success rate and I would not go anywhere else.”

Mediation Participant Interflora

“The mediator listened carefully to my views and acted in a very professional manner. I was very happy with the mediators approach and outcome as she helped us to identify and evaluate a variety of constructive options.”

Mediation Participant Brent Council

“The mediator was excellent! Very positive, I feel that we have already taken some steps forward. I felt that the mediator was fully aware of the issues and did not pass judgement.”

Mediation Participant Seafish

“It was better than expected – I felt relieved with the outcome. We have a plan to more forward which should aid in relationship. Very professional, and would highly recommend.”

Mediation Participant University of Nottingham

“The mediator was wonderful – I would strongly recommend The Mediation Company to anyone who is experiencing workplace conflict. Thanks to HR for funding this process – it was remarkably helpful.”

Mediation Participant University of London

“I am very satisfied with the outcome. The mediator explained things well and the mediation was very well structured.“

Mediation Participant London Borough of Islington

“A very successful meeting, very constructive and explored all of my concerns. I felt listened too and was able to voice any issues that I had wanted to raise. A very positive outcome was reached.”

Award winning mediation packages designed around you.

But let’s face it, conflict is complex. Not everything that goes wrong can be listed in neat bullet points. Having been voted mediation provider of the year 2018 at the National Mediation Awards, we understand that flexibility is key. You might want to ensure that your resolution sticks. Perhaps your parties might benefit from additional coaching, or even a further mediation in the future to reinforce the agreement made. If that’s the case, we’ve got a range of packages to suit you. One thing’s for sure, we won’t leave you behind once the day is done.

Each of our packages include one full day of mediation, with added extras thereafter, as follows…

Mediation First

This is our standard one day of mediation. This method of resolution has been successful 93% of the time for us at The Mediation Company – it definitely works.

This includes the following:

Mediation Plus

This is our recommended option lasting 1.5 days in total. This involves everything included in the Mediation First package, plus:

Coaching for both parties either before or after mediation (2 hours each).

Mediation Gold

Everything included in the Mediation Plus package, plus:

An additional half-day mediation session after one month, to reinforce the agreement and look further into the future.

All of our mediation packages include, as a minimum:

  • Preparation and introductory calls with the parties and referrer (if required) to build rapport with the mediator, answer queries and calm any nerves.
  • One full day of mediation undertaken by one of our accredited mediators.
  • A first meeting with the parties to discuss perspective, expectations of mediation and potential outcomes.
  • A second meeting with each party to prepare for the joint meeting.
  • The joint meeting – this phase of mediation is flexible but will include time for problem solving, achieving consensus, and working towards an agreement/action plan.
  • Follow up at 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months (by phone/email).
  • A project impact meeting (PIM) via an online platform once the mediation concludes.
Kerry Forward
Head of Strategy at NHS England
"The Mediation Company provide essential training in several areas. Mediation is a game changer in the positive management of employee relations and should be a cornerstone of any organisation’s approach. I would highly recommend their excellent trainers and learning material in making this a reality for your organisation."

Conflict Audits

We know we’re a mediation company, but it’s all part of the bigger picture. And that picture is one of real, tangible, transformational culture change.

Have you been noticing a pattern of conflict in your organisation? Are mediations frequently uncovering larger issues of culture clash? It might be time for a conflict audit.

We’ll be the first to hold our hands up and say that mediation can’t always be the route (but we’d like it to be).

A conflict audit is a fact-finding exercise where we’ll collect a lot of information to diagnose the root cause of conflict. Audits help to:

  • Identify the problem
  • Collate and analyse data
  • Identify the source of the problem
  • Provide effective solutions

Make mediation part of the process, and culture part of the change you want to see.

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