Workplace disputes. Resolved.

Workplace disputes can knock any business off track. They take up a disproportionate amount of time, money and energy. The Mediation Company™ is a leading and award winning provider of workplace and employment mediation services.

Professional mediation support for your business.

Business leaders use The Mediation Company to resolve civil, commercial, partnership, workplace, supplier, contractor and customer disputes. Keeping conflict out of court.

Family business dispute resolution.

Our expert mediators can reduce the strife and the grief associated with conflict in a first or second generation family run business. No fuss, no drama.

Mediation services and training for charities.

We offer specialist support to not for profit and voluntary sector organisations including charities, membership organisations, professional bodies, NGOs and regulators. Supporting the people who support us.

How to protect your business from a damaging dispute or a corrosive conflict...

Spot problems as early as possible and seek out ways to nip issues in the bud.

Don’t let the dispute get personal. Attack the ball, not the player!

Listen – with the intention to understand not the intention to defend.

Avoid blaming, judging or evaluating the other person. No one works well or thinks straight with a finger pointing in their face or an elbow jabbing in their sides.

Keep calm and carry on! Yes we know it’s an overused slogan but when it comes to resolving a workplace quarrel or a business dispute – staying calm under pressure will make all of the difference.

When the going gets tough, call in an expert. The Mediation Company is here to help.

Dispute Resolution for Businesses of all Sizes

We help businesses, big and small, to resolve their disputes without the need for costly litigation or courtroom battles. Every day, our expert mediators resolve a wide range of disputes spanning: board level disputes, partnership disputes, disputes amongst rival siblings or family members, disputes with suppliers, employment and workplace disputes, customer complaints and disputes with regulators or other public bodies.

Improving dispute resolution for business leaders.

The Mediation Company is here to help you get dispute resolution right first time. We offer a range of training, consulting and mediation support packages to our customers. Our sole aim is to make your life easier, so that you can get on with the important job of running your business.

Covid-19 made life hard enough, don’t let conflict add to the stress!

The Mediation Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The TCM Group.

Formed in 2001, The TCM Group are one of the UK’s leading providers of conflict resolution, leadership and cultural change programmes. In 2018, TCM were awarded Mediation Provider of the Year at the National Mediation Awards. The accolades don’t get much higher than that!

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