David Liddle.
CEO of The Mediation Company

David Liddle has over 30 years experience of mediation and he is widely thought of as a leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). David has helped to resolve many thousands of disputes across a wide range of sectors and he is passionate about using mediation as an alternative to costly and stressful litigating and formal dispute resolution procedures. David is also the CEO of The TCM Group and he is the president of the Institute of Organisational Dynamics. In his spare time, David enjoys cycling and writing as well as spending time with his wife and three children.

A world class panel of mediators and ADR professionals

The Mediation Company gives you access to a panel of some of the top mediators in the UK. Each of our mediators is TCM Accredited and they operate to a stringent set of quality standards.



Ade Adeniji.
Mediator & Resolution Expert

Ade has over 20 years experience in Human Resources, spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He initially qualified as a mediator back in 2010, after attending The TCM Group’s National Certificate in Workplace Mediation in 2010. He has since built up over 10 years experience in conducting mediations, across a full variety of organisations and scenarios. Throughout all of his work, Ade adopts a holistic approach, seeking to give voice to unspoken words, with a view to having conscious, courageous conversations.

Johanna Whelehan.
Accredited Mediator & Trainer

Johanna is one of our most experienced mediators, having facilitated successful outcomes within both 2-party and larger group mediators across a full variety of organisations and sectors. She has also supported the set up of in-house mediation schemes for organisations as widely renowned as Virgin Atlantic, Deutsche Bank and The Metropolitan Police. We applaud her on her ability to ask challenging questions in an empathetic manner, and never to make assumptions. Her main interests have always been communication and facilitation, and her ability to bring concepts to life in a dynamic and engaging manner make her a very popular trainer.

Marie Combes.
Workplace Mediator of the Year 2020

Prior to joining The Mediation Company, Marie worked at Royal Mail for 17 years, as a specialist in conflict resolution, mediation training and employee/industrial relations. After being accredited in mediation by The TCM Group in 2014, she worked as a full-time in-house mediator for 5 years, conducting a whopping 200 cases across that period. In 2020, she was nominated and won the workplace mediator of the year award, in recognition of her excellence in the field of mediation and in particular her expertise in mental health, and adaptation to online mediation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dominic Human.
Mediator and Employee Relations Expert

Dominic’s background is centred around workplace investigations, having delivered casework for 33 years, covering a broad spectrum of issues within both the public and private sectors. Also a former hostage and crisis negotiator, he has developed the conversational skills needed to negotiate and resolve a full variety of conflicts. Now heavily involved in delivering mediations for The Mediation Company, Dominic is an expert in guiding parties towards written agreements, with a proven track record in working towards long-lasting, sustainable solutions to conflict.