David Liddle.
CEO of The Mediation Company

David Liddle has over 30 years experience of mediation and he is widely thought of as a leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). David has helped to resolve many thousands of disputes across a wide range of sectors and he is passionate about using mediation as an alternative to costly and stressful litigating and formal dispute resolution procedures. David is also the CEO of The TCM Group and he is the president of the Institute of Organisational Dynamics. In his spare time, David enjoys cycling and writing as well as spending time with his wife and three children.

A world class panel of mediators and ADR professionals

The Mediation Company gives you access to a panel of some of the top mediators in the UK. Each of our mediators is TCM Accredited and they operate to a stringent set of quality standards.



Meet our Mediators

Rosie Compton

Specialist in the Private, Public and Third Sectors

Rosie is a remarkably successful and highly skilled CEDR and CMC registered mediator, facilitating the resolution of conflict in seemingly intractable disputes with individuals in organisations, supporting them to find their own solutions, bringing lasting resolution. She has experience of workplace, commercial, civil, community, neighbour and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) cases as well as free commercial mediation at the Royal Courts of Justice. She has mediated in the private, public and third sectors.

Marie Coombes

Workplace Mediator of the Year 2020

Prior to joining The Mediation Company, Marie worked at Royal Mail for 17 years, as a specialist in conflict resolution, mediation training and employee/industrial relations. After being accredited in mediation by The TCM Group in 2014, she worked as a full-time in-house mediator for 5 years, conducting a whopping 200 cases across that period. In 2020, she was nominated and won the workplace mediator of the year award, in recognition of her excellence in the field of mediation and in particular her expertise in mental health, and adaptation to online mediation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dominic Human

Mediator and Employee Relations Expert

Dominic’s background is centred around workplace investigations, having delivered casework for 33 years, covering a broad spectrum of issues within both the public and private sectors. Also a former hostage and crisis negotiator, he has developed the conversational skills needed to negotiate and resolve a full variety of conflicts. Now heavily involved in delivering mediations for The Mediation Company, Dominic is an expert in guiding parties towards written agreements, with a proven track record in working towards long-lasting, sustainable solutions to conflict.


Elizabeth Nuckowska

A Person-Centred HR Expert

Elizabeth holds over 25 years of experience in human resources and operations, spanning the public, private and not for profit sectors. During these roles, she was responsible for a variety of activities, including the training and mentoring of trainers, mediators and coaches. Qualifying as a mediator herself in 2008, she has successfully mediated a wide variety of conflicts, amongst individuals, teams and entire organisations. Outside of work Elizabeth has a passion for the natural world and building a healthy environment for all.

Marianne Schoenig

Civil, Commercial and Employment Mediator

Marianne is accredited across workplace, employment, civil and commercial mediation. She is also a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner, recognised for her empathy and sensitivity, treating people with dignity and earning their trust quickly. All excellent skills to bring to the mediation process. With a passion that mediation should be a crucial enabler for healthy, happy and productive cultures, Marianne has also served as a guest lecturer and discussion leader in workplace mediation for undergraduates and CIPD professionals.


Polly Walker

Mediator and Published Children’s Author

Polly has a background in education and has published books for young children, teaching life lessons around diversity and inclusion. When working with children who were excluded from mainstream schools, she frequently encountered situations with high conflict and hostility, which required empathy, respect and excellent communication. What could be better preparation for her career as a mediator? Polly has since worked extensively across community, workplace, SEN and disability mediation, with a commitment to inclusion.


Andi Hargreaves

Mediating Since 2004

With a whopping 17 years of mediation experience, Andi is a true veteran of workplace conflict resolution. From the NHS to the Civil Service and House of Commons, there is little area in the public sector that Andi hasn’t worked. Andi first trained as a mediator in 2004, and has since successfully mediated countless cases for organisations, and also within the community. Throughout all of her work, she endeavours to support better working, living and professional relationships.


Alex Dunlop

Experienced and Successful Mediator

With over 500 successful mediations secured, Alex Dunlop  Areas of experience include civil and commercial, financial, supply chain, consumer, workplace, community, family, employment and prison mediation. Alex is also a trustee of London’s largest community mediation charity and sits on the management board of another international mediation charity. Alex has experience in mediating the most complex matters including multi-party, high-value and high-profile disputes. Recent clients have included global pharmaceutical companies, banks, financial institutions, national newspapers, the NHS and top ten Universities.


Philippa Brown

Expert in Empowering Teams

A CEDR-accredited mediator, Pip empowers workplace teams through understanding and managing conflict better. After a Whitehall civil service career, Pip’s focus on conflict took her to hotspots across the globe, working with military, police and civilian colleagues. A firm believer in the importance of the universal need to be heard, Pip is a long-standing Samaritans listening volunteer.  Pip’s clients particularly value her ability to put people at ease and work collaboratively through tricky issues.

David Smart

Resolution Over Blame

David’s personal ethos in relation to workplace mediation is ‘resolution over blame and learning over fault’ reflecting his proven experience that organisations, big or small, can only deliver their vision and maximise productivity in an environment where staff wellbeing is valued and internal conflict is recognised and addressed. David is a highly experienced, former senior police officer with proven results in the operational and strategic delivery of local and national policing across a wide range of specialisms. His depth of experience enables him to exercise leadership with authenticity, wisdom, and discernment.


Marjorie Bremner

30 Years of Experience

Marjorie is an accredited Commercial and Workplace Mediator, HR Professional and Visiting Lecturer with over 30 years’ experience in mediation and conflict resolution, consultancy, employee relations, training, lecturing and mentoring. In July 2018, Marjorie stepped down as HR Partner at BKL (Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers) having worked for 20 years in HR with the Firm. Marjorie developed HR Consultancy services for clients and also set up and chaired the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Well-Being Committee. Marjorie has worked with global clients as well as small and medium-sized businesses. She has particular experience in healthcare, professional services – accountancy and law and charities.



Stephen Hague

A Fair and Balanced Approach

Stephen is a highly skilled and respected resolution consultant who cut his teeth in conflict management and mediation during a 30-year career in the police service developing key negotiation skills and intricate dispute resolution practices. In 2012 he further enhanced that skillset through a workplace mediation qualification with TCM. He is open-minded, professional, resilient and personable. With a fair and balanced approach and with his policing experience is comfortable with people from all walks of life and cultures.

Sue Davies

Dispute Resolution Specialist

Sue is an experienced dispute resolution specialist and has investigated many situations with outcomes ranging from recommendations for development interventions to finding evidence that formal processes be implemented leading to summary dismissal. Sue always ensures witnesses are fully listened to, balanced and comprehensive evidence is gathered and outcomes and recommendations flow from that evidence without bias or influence. Sue’s background is generalist HR with a special interest in non-adversarial conflict management and leadership support. Sue is also a mediator, mental fitness coach, and a chartered member of the CIPD. On a voluntary basis Sue helps to run the Sussex branch of CIPD, is a community mediator and helps to facilitate the Action for Happiness 10 Keys group in her local area.


Anup Ravi

Cross-Cultural Experience

Anup Ravi brings a sense of adventure to conflict resolution. His mediating experience is special, spanning across the seas of over fifty countries. His cross-cultural perspective lends his ability to bring people together – even in the most challenging of circumstances – to find resolution. Experienced in building close, supportive teams, Anup is trusted to develop the positive, collaborative culture that fosters happy teams and brilliant results.



Rebecca Budge

Bringing Positivity, Calm and Benevolence

Justice is an underlying theme that runs through Rebecca Budge’s life and work. Rebecca’s mediation journey follows a natural flow and narrative, interweaving principles of fairness and integrity throughout her education and employment. Her path was first carved by her understanding and credentials in law, which ultimately shares the same ethical framework and culture as mediation. What shines through, tying her uniqueness to TCM values, is her personal nature: positivity, calm, and benevolence. Somehow, she still steals moments to read a novel or two in her spare time. This only leaves one question unanswered: how, exactly, does she do it all?

Terry Geater

Managing and Delivering Human Resources

Terry has nearly thirty-three years’ experience of managing and delivering a wide range of human resources services as a permanent employee and, for the last fourteen years, as an interim manager and consultant, mainly in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

For the majority of his career Terry has specialised in managing and delivering employee relations and employment law services. For the last decade, Terry has qualified and gained experience in delivering workplace mediation and executive coaching services to clients.

Terry has extensive experience of policy and procedure work for a range of clients, across the public and not-for-profit sectors, including putting in place a comprehensive suite of policies and procedure for the largest single-site residential and nursing home in Europe.


Nick Snaith

Serious and Complex Cases

Nick is a former UK Law Enforcement officer with 26 years of experience in investigative and intelligence led policing in the UK and overseas. Nick has investigated on a local, regional, national, and international level, offences of Terrorism and of serious and complex crime, including human trafficking, modern slavery, cybercrime, drugs and firearms importations, child sexual offences and offences of violence such as murder and rape.

Nick has been a qualified mediator, trainer and assessor since 2010 and more recently as in Internal Quality Assurance. He has delivered operational, tactical and strategic programmes to organisations and governments in the UK and around the world. Nick also currently designs and delivers courses in workplace conflict and talent development within the commercial sector specialising in meditation, investigation skills, team facilitation and leadership development.



Jan Watson

Business Leader and HR Consultant

Experienced business leader and HR consultant on a wide range of people matters, specialising in workplace mediation, investigations, people strategy and culture. Having worked on more than one senior leadership team, Jan is able to facilitate resolutions between work colleagues of all levels where a dispute has occurred or a working relationship has broken down. She has also developed the people and culture strategy in more than one company, and facilitated team workshops to ensure that values and behaviours are embedded.

Throughout her working career Jan has used her coaching skills to advise and develop managers up to and including ‘C’ level. As a trainer she is able to fully engage the audience by drawing on her experience with real examples.

Lesley Hughes

Developing Partnerships and Implementing Change

Lesley has found that embracing confrontation as a means to acknowledge differences and uncertainty can create opportunities for clarification and correcting misinterpretation, if done so in a facilitated way. She uses this approach in her work. As academic lead for interprofessional education, which formed part of the transformation in medical education, Lesley understood the need to create a shared strategy for working across departments and professions meant negotiation was a key part in changing curriculum, clinical practice and assessment. In a nutshell, Lesley creates change to improve listening skills, communication, problem solving, and the respect of differences in roles and responsibilities to improve teamwork.

As a trained mediator, Lesley continues this work with organisations, especially multidisciplinary sectors. Her specialism is workplace mediation; this covers a range of issues including dysfunctional teams, workforce complaints, departmental or system conflict. Working with the TCM group has provided Lesley with additional skills including use of the Resolution Framework™️.

Merry Brown

Mediating from the USA

Merry taught philosophy for two decades before making a mid-career shift and transitioning to workplace conflict restoration. Her experience teaching over 4,000 college students from a Socratic, Existential, and Ethics of Care approach coupled with her background in psychology and training as a Rule 31 mediator in the state of Tennessee have given her unique window into the world of mediation. She hosts a podcast, Conflict Managed, about toxic work environments and how to fix them. She is a speaker and writer. Her latest book is about recovering from food addiction.

James Hyde

Passionate Advocate of Mediation

James is a qualified and accredited mediator who specialises in conflict resolution within the workplace as well as all aspects of employee relations casework consultancy.  A highly experienced former Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development for a national non-departmental public body, with over twenty-years’ experience in various senior HR & OD roles across different sectors, James is a passionate advocate of mediation and alternative dispute resolution in the workplace, as a means of avoiding protracted and destructive formalised procedures wherever possible.

Eva Edel

Deep Understanding of People, Needs and Origin of Conflicts

Eva is a Workplace, Civil and Commercial accredited Mediator who is passionate about offering collaborative ways to resolve conflicts. She is also a French lawyer and a non-practising solicitor and has 15 years of experience in the legal profession which has given her a deep understanding of people, needs and origin of conflicts. Her professional life in two different countries enables her to adapt to each situation and different cultures. She has experience in workplace mediation, as well as family and community disputes. Eva is also a Mental Health First Aider and has the tools to approach emotionally charged situations.

Gemma Bromfield

Helping People to Flourish

Gemma has 19 years’ experience working in an exceptionally large organisation where she has held roles as Line Manager, Senior Manager and People Partner.

As a mediator, Gemma has a huge passion for people and helping them flourish to be their best selves. She has played a key part of the development of the team members with whom she has worked.

At TMC, her passion is informal resolution, collaborating with teams to create a culture of inclusivity, wellness, and high performance. Gemma is an incredibly positive individual who seeks to bring drive, passion, and energy to the people whom she works with.

Charlotte May

Wellbeing Expert

Charlotte is an accredited Civil, Commercial and Workplace mediator with over 10 years’ experience. She is a skilful, insightful and creative mediator specialising in interpersonal and workplace conflict and adult social care disputes.  She has commitment to finding positive solutions. Charlotte acts as a mediator and provides conflict resolution skills training within the UK. She has good legal acumen gained from being a solicitor, team leader and manager with over 30 years’ experience in both the private and local authority sectors.

Charlotte puts the wellbeing of individuals and teams at the heart of her approach, providing support and tools during preparatory and resolution meetings to help overcome anxiety and stress arising from conflict.

Alan Sproston

Principled Negotiation and Mediation Skills

Alan has held leadership positions in the public and private sectors, in various locations across the UK.  He has spent much of his career building and leading teams through some of the most volatile, uncertain, complicated and ambiguous situations.  He has extensive experience in crisis management, and is skilled in principled negotiation and mediation.  Alan’s experience has been gained in the military, hospitality and emergency services, at both operational and senior leadership levels.

Alan uses and advocates a values-based, transactional leadership style to build safe and trusting environments.  He strives to empower staff to try new and innovative ideas, which is an absolute necessity in an age of cyber technology.  Alan has lead organisations through some of the most challenging change programmes, where service and performance improvement were critical.

Aideen Whelehan

Creating Collaborative and Meaningful Outcomes

As a mediator, Aideen uses a caring and flexible mindset to never stop learning, changing and growing, and this allows her to truly engage with everyone who works with her.

Aideen always spends time and focus during the analysis stage of learning and development, and works closely with her clients to create learning interventions that are relevant, enriching and deliver on the goals. Her methods of working are underpinned by her service background, powerful questioning techniques and key listening skills. Combined, this results in an output that is collaborative and meaningful.

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