David Liddle.
CEO of The Mediation Company

David Liddle has over 30 years experience of mediation and he is widely thought of as a leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). David has helped to resolve many thousands of disputes across a wide range of sectors and he is passionate about using mediation as an alternative to costly and stressful litigating and formal dispute resolution procedures. David is also the CEO of The TCM Group and he is the president of the Institute of Organisational Dynamics. In his spare time, David enjoys cycling and writing as well as spending time with his wife and three children.

A world class panel of mediators and ADR professionals

The Mediation Company gives you access to a panel of some of the top mediators in the UK. Each of our mediators is TCM Accredited and they operate to a stringent set of quality standards.



Meet Some of our Mediators

Ade Adeniji

Mediator & Resolution Expert

Ade has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He initially qualified as a mediator back in 2010, after attending The TCM Group’s National Certificate in Workplace Mediation. He has since built up over 10 years of experience in conducting mediations, across a full variety of organisations and scenarios. Throughout all of his work, Ade adopts a holistic approach, seeking to give voice to unspoken words, with a view to having conscious, courageous conversations.

Marie Coombes

Workplace Mediator of the Year 2020

Prior to joining The Mediation Company, Marie worked at Royal Mail for 17 years, as a specialist in conflict resolution, mediation training and employee/industrial relations. After being accredited in mediation by The TCM Group in 2014, she worked as a full-time in-house mediator for 5 years, conducting a whopping 200 cases across that period. In 2020, she was nominated and won the workplace mediator of the year award, in recognition of her excellence in the field of mediation and in particular her expertise in mental health, and adaptation to online mediation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dominic Human

Mediator and Employee Relations Expert

Dominic’s background is centred around workplace investigations, having delivered casework for 33 years, covering a broad spectrum of issues within both the public and private sectors. Also a former hostage and crisis negotiator, he has developed the conversational skills needed to negotiate and resolve a full variety of conflicts. Now heavily involved in delivering mediations for The Mediation Company, Dominic is an expert in guiding parties towards written agreements, with a proven track record in working towards long-lasting, sustainable solutions to conflict.


Elizabeth Nuckowska

A Person-Centred HR Expert

Elizabeth holds over 25 years of experience in human resources and operations, spanning the public, private and not for profit sectors. During these roles, she was responsible for a variety of activities, including the training and mentoring of trainers, mediators and coaches. Qualifying as a mediator herself in 2008, she has successfully mediated a wide variety of conflicts, amongst individuals, teams and entire organisations. Outside of work Elizabeth has a passion for the natural world and building a healthy environment for all.

Shereen Robinson

A Passion for Conflict Resolution

Shereen, a chartered member of the CIPD, with a master’s degree in HR Management, trained as a mediator in 2012, and has since built up a passion for conflict resolution. Previous roles included Head of Employee Relations at an NHS trust, and HR Business Partner. She is committed to helping organisations to get the very best out of their people, using a range of HR and organisational development strategies. Outside of work, Shereen is a volunteer school governor and contributes to the CIPD network group.


Susan Barber

Highly Experienced Complex Case Mediator

As part of over 25 years’ experience in the public sector, gaining experience in different HR Management roles, Susan qualified as a workplace Mediator in 2007. During her career, she was involved in many complex investigations, grievances and employment tribunals. Through managing the mediation service, she realised that mediation could very often be a far more preferable solution for resolving even the more complex disputes. Outside of work, Susan loves to travel, especially if a cruise is involved!


Vanessa Crispin

Solutions-Focused Mediator

Vanessa is a qualified HR professional, who has also trained as a Psychometric Evaluator, Investigator and Mediator. Her career in HR was primarily spent in large complex Public Sector organisations and national private sector bodies. Her genuine interest in people and teams has led her to work on a number of large-scale fast-paced change programmes, in addition to her work as a Mediator. Her strength lies in building positive relationships, quickly, with those around her to create a positive environment, ready to embrace change.


Marianne Schoenig

Civil, Commercial and Employment Mediator

Marianne is accredited across workplace, employment, civil and commercial mediation. She is also a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner, recognised for her empathy and sensitivity, treating people with dignity and earning their trust quickly. All excellent skills to bring to the mediation process. With a passion that mediation should be a crucial enabler for healthy, happy and productive cultures, Marianne has also served as a guest lecturer and discussion leader in workplace mediation for undergraduates and CIPD professionals.


Stephen Adams

Specialist in the Financial Sector

Stephen had 26 very good years with Lloyds Banking Group in various Director and Executive roles. He has delivered more than 1000 hours of training and coaching over the years, with classes ranging from individuals to 25 colleagues. His experience has led him to be vigilant, professional and balanced: all transferable skills which he brings to the mediation process. Outside of work, Stephen enjoys golf, skiing, yoga and walking with his wife and their dog, Bella. He receives regular praise and excellent feedback for his conflict resolution and training.

Polly Walker

Mediator and Published Children’s Author

Polly has a background in education and has published books for young children, teaching life lessons around diversity and inclusion. When working with children who were excluded from mainstream schools, she frequently encountered situations with high conflict and hostility, which required empathy, respect and excellent communication. What could be better preparation for her career as a mediator? Polly has since worked extensively across community, workplace, SEN and disability mediation, with a commitment to inclusion.


Andi Hargreaves


Mediating for us since 2004!

With a whopping 17 years of mediation experience, Andi is a true veteran of workplace conflict resolution. From the NHS to the Civil Service and House of Commons, there is little area in the public sector that Andi hasn’t worked. Andi first trained as a mediator in 2004, and has since successfully mediated countless cases for organisations, and also within the community. Throughout all of her work, she endeavours to support better working, living and professional relationships.



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