Welcome to your Mediation Hub. The Mediation Hub, carefully curated by the experts at The TCM Group, provides access to a wide range of resources which are designed to inspire, innovate and educate you on best-practice conflict management in your organisation. The Mediation Hub contains tried and tested resources and insights gathered over 20 years at the cutting edge of conflict management in the UK and globally.

This section of our website contains a wonderful array of conflict management resources including toolkits, a bookstore, interesting podcasts, webinars and articles.

Did you know that our transformational leadership model is featured in David Liddle’s best selling book, Transformational Culture? 

His books also include case studies from organisations such as Royal Mail, Capgemini, Intel Corporation, Burberry, TSB Bank, Nationwide BS, Tesco, TFL Imperial Hospitals NHS Trust, UK Civil Service and many others. You can buy David’s books plus others that we have taken inspiration from over the years from the bookstore in this section.

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