We’ve always known that mediation works. With a 93% success rate in cases that we've mediated, over 20 years of business success has depended on it. Mediation provides a platform to transform workplace disputes into opportunities for healthy dialogue. Conflict in the workplace is inevitable but the impact it has on your organisation, team and people is in your hands. Choose resolution.

The purpose of workplace mediation is, in a nutshell, to resolve conflict. By settling grievances, this naturally fosters a healthier, happier, and more harmonious workplace. But it goes much further than that. Many companies anticipate a positive, forward-facing cultural shift within their organisations following an adoption of alternative dispute resolution.

This is because the very concept of mediation prompts parties to think outside the box, discuss root issues, and customise their own bespoke and creative resolutions. Formal litigation is the antithesis of this: only specific claims are identified and judged to a rigid ruling, leaving no space for discussion and dialogue.

Away from the stark and hostile interiors of courtrooms, affirmative behaviours of collaboration, communication, compassion, and creativity are learned and practised by involved parties, facilitated by an external and impartial mediator. Value arises from thoughtful consideration and discussion of underlying interests and needs.

When it is acknowledged that embodying these qualities results in a win-win outcome, parties choose to actively continue this flow of positive action, interaction, and reaction back in their respective workplaces.

The benefits

Let’s get down to the details. Why mediation?

  • It saves time, money and stress.
  • It places responsibility for the resolution directly with the parties.
  • It creates a safe place for all sides to have their say and be heard, with uninterrupted speaking time.
  • Disputes are halted before they escalate out of control.
  • Mediation reduces the stress and anxiety associated with conflict.
  • It reduces the risk of litigation and costs of conflict.
  • Mediation helps to cultivate a happier, healthier and more harmonious working environment.

Oh, and it also has an unprecedented 93% success rate!

The FAIR Mediation Model

Our way works. At The Mediation Company, our FAIR Mediation Model™ is specifically designed for solving workplace disputes. It’s really effective and has been used by some big names:

  • Royal Mail
  • HSBC
  • Aviva
  • Network Rail
  • The Metropolitan Police

alongside universities, hospitals, councils and pharmaceuticals.

This model gets right to the root cause of a conflict whilst bringing a pragmatic problem-solving approach. And when the conflict has been successfully resolved, the model delivers just as much, after the process has taken place.

Putting people first is at the core of everything we do. Remember it’s people you are dealing with, not statistics. Treat them as humans – with kindness, compassion and integrity – and watch fear subside in the face of wellbeing, productivity and success.

Harriette Wolff, Director of Investigation & Resolution Services

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