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In addition to our workplace mediation offering, The Mediation Company™ delivers a comprehensive and industry-leading package of mediation, facilitation, coaching and leadership development services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), family-run businesses and larger firms. This page explains more…

Mediation Services

Our mediation services can be used for virtually all business disputes. These include civil and commercial disputes; disputes between business partners; disputes between business owners and their senior managers; workplace and employment disputes; disputes with suppliers and contractors; and disputes with customers and consumers.

Mediation offers a cost effective and proven remedy for resolving business disputes. The Mediation Company’s is achieving a successful resolution of over 90% of disputes that are referred to us.

Mediation in family run businesses

A family run business can be badly impacted by disputes and conflicts. Disputes between siblings or between family members can be a distraction at best, and at worst, they can tear the family apart. The damage can be irreparable and heartbreaking. We can take the heat out of a dispute in your family firm. Our mediators are experts at working with highly charged, complex and and volatile family business disputes. We can also mediate in contentious probate disputes.

Mediation services for charities, regulators and NGO's

The third sector plays an important role in all of our lives but when conflict strikes, it can have a devastating effect. The Mediation Company specialises in designing and delivering mediation, coaching, conflict resolution training and investigation services for the not for profit sector. We are developing partnerships with an increasing number of regulatory and professional bodies to promote mediation and ADR services to their members. These include, but are not limited to ACEVO, HCPC and IAM etc.

Mediation for NGOs, charities & regulators

Coaching and leadership development

Anyone who has had a coach knows that it is a wonderful experience. Coaching can drive up performance, it can motivate us, and it can reveal and release our innermost strengths. Our executive coaches are best in class. They are also accredited to use a wide range of psychometric tests and personality profiles such as MBTI®, DISC®, Insight Discovery®, 16PF, and Lumina Leader. We can also design and deliver leadership and management development programmes. We will work with you to tailor a development programme which will meet your precise needs and requirements.

Coaching & Leadership

Investigations, reviews and audits.

Sometimes you need all of the facts before taking action. Our investigation, review and audit services are designed to help you to have a clear picture of a situation allowing you to decide what action to take. Our fully trained and TCM Accredited Investigators specialise in complex investigations spanning allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud and misconduct (including serious misconduct). We also undertake departmental or whole organisation reviews and audits. These can focus on areas such as bullying, employee engagement, customer service, quality systems, and organisational culture. Our reports are fair, methodical and thorough. They will help you to identify areas of your business that are performing well, and areas that require attention or improvement.

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