International Alert

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International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organisation with a mission to address conflict around the world through dialogue, training, research and policy analysis, advocacy and outreach activities.They work with people affected by conflict, shape policies and practices to support peace, and collaborate with other peacemakers across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Peace is within our power – a mantra we also stand by at TCM as firm believers in people-centred conflict resolution.

In 2019, our Founder David Liddle facilitated a successful mediation between two members of the senior executive team, fostering the beginning of a positive working relationship between TCM and International Alert. Following the trust that was built in this case, International Alert commissioned TCM to deliver a series of team workshops to the senior executive body in October 2020, as they came together as a new group with an ambitious agenda for change. Formed during the disruption of the pandemic and general organisational transformation, it was essential to align and define four key objectives: optimal working practices, a strategic focus, a positive and collaborative team spirit, and a senior team climate that promotes the values and principles of International Alert company-wide.

Driving change

Unlike many coaching and development cases, International Alert were not looking to identify and resolve a specific issue within their organisation. Their unique prognosis was simply optimisation: refining an already effective team to achieve the very most in their strategic decision making and driving change agenda. Promoting peace in locations ravaged by war requires those in power to make life-altering decisions, hold challenging conversations, and address a complexity of socio-political issues. Shaping a critical team required a close partnership between TCM and the CEO and Director of Finance and Operations of International Alert. Together, a customised programme was designed in the form of 3 workshops, each focusing on aspects of organisational climate, leadership styles, personality type, and quality conversations. The senior executive team development workshop was dvided into two core parts.

Impacting culture

Following on from the year-long disruption of the pandemic, the programme provided the organisation with the thing that employees craved: stability. Guiding teams with consistent, streamlined leadership through a period of dramatic change helped to build collaboration, optimisation and positive productivity. Widening the leadership team was smooth throughout onboarding as the current leadership worked so cohesively together, facilitating an easy transition.

Looking forward

After a deep internal focus, due to Coronavirus, the organisation wants to look outward again. Its mission is peacebuilding, so re-emphasising its capacity for advocacy and outreach internationally is key to success both internal and external. Continuing this stability to its partners and people across the world is integral to support peace in all manners of work and life