Robyn Marsh



About Robyn Marsh

As a young child, Robyn could be found huddled under her duvet, torch in hand, reading the Oxford Dictionary from A to Z into the early hours of the morning. After being caught red-handed one night, her parents assigned punishment in the form of a laminated library card. At her local library, she would instead be nestled into a beanbag, perusing paperbacks (at more suitable daylight hours, sans torch). This introduction to the literary world sparked what would become a lifelong fascination with books and writing, leading to countless speech competitions, farfetched attempts at novel publications as a teenager, and Robyn’s eventual study of English at University in her later years. Since then, Robyn has incorporated these passions into every avenue: she has worked as an English teacher both home and away, published articles as a freelance copywriter and started her own blog reviewing literature by female authors during the famed UK lockdown #1.

Robyn joined the TCM Business Development Team as Brand & Content Manager (or Chief Storyteller as she’s referred to by CEO David Liddle) in 2021. She carries the torch for all things content at TCM, including articles, interviews, newsletters, case studies and a little amateur graphic design. Working with clients as a creative consultant, Robyn has crafted illustrations for big names such as Burberry, NatWest and MaPS. Robyn assists the wider marketing team in producing course materials and storytelling TCM’s public image and branding. Press is also a string to Robyn’s bow: she has recently been featured in publications such as WeAreTheCity, European Business Review, Personnel Today and CLH News, to name but a few.

Robyn holds a degree in English & Sociology from the University of Leeds and has a background in copywriting, administration, and writing specialism. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, reading (surprisingly), and spending time with friends.