World class remotely-delivered, online mediation services

The same, highly effective mediation process, but conducted virtually!

We were first forced to move our mediation services to the virtual space, when the COVID-19 outbreak began in 2020. However, we quickly realised that the move actually offered a number of benefits over a face-to-face process. We now offer both options, to suit the needs of a hybrid workforce.

Online Mediation Services

Online mediation for the modern, global and sustainable workers.

We’re living in a modern and changing world, and our workplaces are no different. So why wouldn’t our services reflect this? In the digital age, all our mediation services can be delivered online. It’s a sustainable, cost-effective, time-saving option. We’re flexible to suit your needs.

Perhaps you’ve got a global team and it’s impossible to get them together in a single room. Or your schedules overlap with no free time to co-ordinate. Maybe still, the situation is too emotional, highly charged and intimidating for an in-person meeting. Let’s move mediation online.

The Process

Fuss-free technology is taken care of by the facilitator.

Just like our face-to-face mediations, online facilitation uses our unique Fair Mediation Model™ to ensure an effective resolution. It’s just on Zoom (or another platform), rather than in a physical room.

The facilitator sets the meeting up, so there’s no need for added stress about complicated equipment and technical difficulties. All parties are left to do is simply log in via a computer or mobile device – it’s that easy.

Privacy and confidentiality are still the guiding principles of mediation, online or in-house. Virtual breakout rooms can be used for individual briefings or private conversations with trade union representatives. Screens can also be shared, and documents annotated to keep the process running as smoothly as it would in real-time.

The Benefits

Build confidence and ease by going virtual.

Meeting someone you’re in conflict with is no small task. It’s always important to protect your peace and build confidence at a natural pace. Going online has vast benefits:

  • Easier scheduling means that resolution can be reached much faster, allowing parties to get back to work with greater ease.
  • Removing expensive travel, accommodation and venue booking makes this an extremely cost-effective approach.
  • The environment is more comfortable for those feeling vulnerable and stressed. Meeting virtually creates a level playing field, reducing animosity.
  • Online mediation has a global reach – anyone, anywhere in the world, can get together and solve their issues.

It’s a win-win!

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