Set up your very own in-house mediation service

Would you like to have the capacity to resolve disputes using mediation, internally?

Developing your internal mediation service will provide you with a team of fully trained and accredited mediators, who understand what it is like to work for your company. When an issue arises, even if complex, you’ll have an internal capacity to resolve the issue quickly, at a low cost, and with a favourable outcome for all those involved.

In-House Mediation Service Set Up

Make mediation part of your company culture, by setting up an in-house mediation service

In any modern workplace, mediation should be an easy to reach option for any employee involved in conflict. Not only does the process offer an alternative to the traditional adversarial, stressful and time-consuming methods of dispute resolution, it can also play a huge role in transforming the culture of your organisation.

Mediation can have a widely positive impact on your workplace culture, by:

  • Increasing job satisfaction through open dialogue, mutual respect and collaboration
  • Empowering employees by developing collaborative resolution and improved communication skills
  • Allowing employees and managers to take direct responsibility for the resolution of issues affecting them
  • Reducing stress by resolving conflict quickly and efficiently, and building empathy and emotional intelligence amongst their employees

Our expert consultants are on hand, to support you in every stage of developing your own internal mediation service.

An extensive package of training, consultancy and support

A comprehensive strategy and action plan for incorporating mediation into the fabric of your organisation

Having worked with countless organisations, of all shapes and sizes; we understand that there is much more involved with building a successful mediation scheme than simply training your mediators. When you decide to work with The Mediation Company to set up your in-house mediation scheme, you will also get:

  • An on-site preliminary strategy meeting
  • A stakeholder focus group to gain the support of your key staff groups
  • Consultancy to help integrate mediation into your organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Support in recruiting and selecting your mediators
  • Accredited mediation training to enable your staff to resolve complex disputes
  • 6- month refresher training and an annual scheme review

Outsourced mediation schemes

Prefer to leave it to the experts? How about an outsourced mediation scheme?

If you’d rather assign your mediations to an external mediator, than your internal staff, we can support you in developing an outsourced mediation scheme. You’ll have access to The Mediation Company’s pool of independent, highly trained mediators, whenever you need them.

Such a package can include the same level of preparation and support that we provide for internal schemes, with the main difference being that cases are handled by a member of our team, rather than yours!

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